I spent a month rushing around to events and then I injured my back about a week and a half ago and the recovery has sucked. I was an overdose level of painkillers and muscle relaxants but I think I might finally be crawling out of it. So here is an update from some previous events.

I had an amazing time at Village House of Books in Los Gatos!

The owners Cheryl and Steve are wonderful folks and we had a really successful event. I can't thank them enough. If you find yourself in Los Gatos, you need to swing by one of their two locations. They are spectacular stores with a real level of class in both service and presentation.
I also need to thank P.I.C. Photo for taking such amazing pictures. There's so many that I'm going to link them on a separate page here:
Photos from the Village House of Books Appearance

I also appeared at Convolution.

I saw the usual suspects of Chris Garcia, Vanessa Applegate, M. Todd Gallowglas, Setsu Uzume and A.E. Marling. Also my publisher, Carlos Moreno, flew in from Tulsa, Oklahoma for the event! Huge thanks to Carlos and author Stephen Shumaker for helping me with the vendor table that weekend. I couldn't have done it without them!

The first day I had Michael A. Stackpole and Tanya Huff come over to my table and check out my book.


I was blown away that two Sci-Fi superstars were looking at my book. Mr Stackpole wrote a huge portion of the Star Wars novels, including the New Jedi Order and Tanya Huff has written a giant amount of books about every Sci-Fi topic you can imagine. That night at the Guest Meet and Greet, Susie Rodriguez dragged me over to Todd McCaffrey and left me there fumbling over my words as I tried to not look hysterical. The Pern novels were one of my obsessions when I was growing up so it was amazing to meet him and he is a really funny and warm fellow. Go meet him if you ever get a chance!

The next day I was on a panel with Todd McCaffrey, Michael A. Stackpole and J.L. Doty.

15772_10152443491638196_467075123133204447_nI had met Mr. Doty the night before. He is a really entertaining and successful author but freely admits he has no idea how he sold 40,000 books on one of his novels! If you haven't heard of him yet, you need to clear your schedule to read his work.

I'm not sure which day it was, I wound up on a random questions and answers panel with Tanya Huff, Tyler King and Carrie Sessarego. Tyler King does a podcast with his friend Matt called, Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks. They discuss terrible novels while getting drunk. So of course, Tyler is hysterical. Tanya Huff is quick-witted and really fun to be around.

The showstopper on that panel was Carrie Sessarego.

Her answers to the random audience questions were wonderful and very thought provoking. Carrie is an author who is also a part of the website, Geek Girl in Love which is filled popculture, romance and positivity.

At the end of the weekend Tanya Huff rushed up to my vendor table and said, "Oh good, you haven't left yet! I need a copy of your book!"

I fought back the urge to pass out and hit my head on the table, signed a copy and thanked her. Michael Todd Gallowglas made the moment even more perfect by shouting, "Is Tanya Huff buying your book?," high-fiving me, and then flipping me off. Todd's awesome for stuff like this.

I almost forgot! I wound up on a panel with Emerian Rich from! How cool is that? She even had her hair dyed SF Giants colors.
That's it.... from now on I'm using iframes for all these event photos. God help the poor bastard who is viewing this from his 3g cell phone! So many photos.

The most exciting part of the event though was that I was able to meet my writing coach Lauren Sapala.

In the digital age you can have friends and mentors that you've never met, but it was nice to finally shake her hand in person. Thanks for everything Lauren! :)

Thanks to Susie Rodriguez and Convolution for inviting me out! I don't think I could have had a better time. It was so amazing! I need to stop gushing about it here though or this blog post will never end!

Oh, and Convolution had a better ballpit than Dashcon.

All trolling aside, my son loved it.