Writer's Block

Before I get to the nitty gritty of the update I just wanted to add a huge thank you to the San Jose Renaissance Faire for having me out this year.

It was spectacular! Met some great people and gained some new fans! I wound up juggling. (Yes, I can do that.) I got to hang out with the master storyteller M. Todd Gallowglas and a new writer named Mark Gelineau. Mark is featured in a few anthologies and he is currently finishing a horror novel. His sense of humor is outstanding! I'm hoping he will wind up at Convolution 2014 alongside the rest of us.

Which brings us to the next point,
Convolution 2014:


Seriously, buy your tickets now! That convention is going to be amazing.

Also, I have to extend a giant thank you to Derek McCaw of Fanboy Planet and Dark Horse Comics for giving me a copy of Usagi Yojimbo SENSO 1 before the release date!
Thank you Derek McCaw, Fanboy Planet and Dark Horse comics for my early copy of Usagi SENSO 1! Please be sure and visit http://www.usagiyojimbo.com and buy anything and everything from Stan Sakai. I grew up on Usagi. Mr. Sakai is a hero of mine and he has fallen on hard times. His wife has had some rough medical procedures and they have some large bills because of it. So please show your support and buy stuff!

So how are things going for the, I Bleed, They Feed event where I hibernate from most social media and write every day during the month of August?

Fri, AUG 1: DONE
Word count: 784
Sat, AUG 2: DONE
Word count: 381 words
Sun, AUG 3: DONE
Word count: 470
Mon, AUG 4: DONE
Word count: 808
Tues, AUG 5: DONE
Word count: 618
Wed, AUG 6: DONE
Word count: 626
Thurs, AUG 7: DONE
Word count: 879

Grand total after the first week: 4566 words

It's not the National Novel Writing month of November standards but, it's pretty good.

Book two's manuscript is almost finished!