In case you have missed it, there is now a one way mission to colonize Mars.

I've had dreams where I walked across phantom planets, danced through other parts of the cosmos and cultivated alien landscapes trying to survive.

I've held these dreams close to my heart, most of my life.

Imagine it. This is the greatest adventure any man or woman has ever embarked upon, in our entire existence as a species.

There is no greater adventure. You can say you went to war, you can say you toiled to make billions, you can say you were a rockstar... But no one can say they left earth to live on another planet, or that they were the first to do so.

Yea, it might be suicide, but there's a chance it isn't... And there is a chance it will be the most beautiful sight, human eyes have seen.... Ever.

The people who are doing this now are either the biggest fools mankind has ever seen, or the greatest adventurers we will ever know...

And maybe there isn't much of a difference.