I decided to have a face to face with the three main characters from my book, Goodbye from The Edge of Never.

Why shouldn't I? They're my characters and a writer can meet them if he wants to.
I'm planning on writing a big chunk of book two for CampNanoWrimo, the mid-year novel writing event. It serves as a precursor for the National Novel Writing Month in November.

A dim buzz issued forth from the streetlight as it's amber rays cascaded down in the dark night.

A shuffle of rubber soles on concrete as a dark haired Asian girl stepped out from the darkness and into the light. An aluminum baseball bat strapped across her back, its hilt perching just over her left shoulder.
"How is there a working street light... and why the fuck is it on?" Ashley asked as her eyes searched the edge of the darkness. "Oh. The writer is here."
The darkness seemed to part as a boy wearing a red camouflaged ballistic vest with backpack stepped up. He had appeared behind her and settled on standing, hunched forward a bit, to her right. His eyes held a weary look as if searching for something. Mason reached up and took hold of the hockey mask that perched horizontally over his face. Yanking it down off his head, he set it face down on the concrete and began the process of removing and rummaging through his bag. He produced a bottle of paint and an old fine point paintbrush. Picking the mask back up, he began to dab points of acrylic across its surface.
Ashley seemed immune to his work. Instead turning to her left as a man surged into existence next to her. His black leather duster folding up. The handles of two nickel plated pistols tucked into holsters worn on each of his hips. Another flick of motion and they vanished again beneath the leather.
Ashley shot a sly look in the gunslinger's direction before clearing her throat to continue out loud. "I know we've been through a lot but, don't abandon us now." She sighed before continuing. "Dark days ahead."

Large sheets of mica splintered and scraped.

"Something is happening!" Ashley screamed, reaching up over her shoulder to secure the aluminum baseball bat with her right hand. The ground shook and began drifting down. The sheets of mica warped around Ashley, dragging them with her in a sudden sea of shifting flat crystal. Ashley's started to lose her footing and screaming obscenities. Shifting her weight forward, she juggled the bat to her left hand. Holding on to the bat's barrel and trying to press through the torrent of shuffling minerals that threatened to engulf her. A sudden jolt and the ground fell away out of sight into a dark hole that had appeared below her. Ashley hung in place for a moment as the dark cavern below issued forth a cry of rage. Her breath was shallow and quick as she glanced up past her hand. Somehow she was still holding tight to the barrel of the bat, trying to figure out what stopped her descent. She found the grip of the bat wedged between two pieces of granite. Before this, the granite had been buried by the mica. The knob of the bat held fast, lodged between the two pieces of rock. The granite jutted out just above Ashley, from the edge of a new, almost vertical, concave wall.
"Just don't move!" Donathan shouted from somewhere above.
The shadows below her screeched again as Ash raised up her second hand to take hold of the barrel of the bat and attempt to pull herself up. She felt lightheaded, a whisper of frustration slipped out, "please- just don't-." Another scream from below belted out and the granite let out a grinding sound as one of the rocks fell forward away from the wall. Ashley let out a final scream as she vanished into the darkness below.

The hum of the streetlight augmented the surrounding night's darkness.

Mason let his paintbrush dance across the front face of the hockey mask. His hands moving with a steady intensity.
Ashley asked while facing Mason's direction, "Anything to add?"
Mason looked up for a moment and said, "I'm low on paint." His head motioned again towards his mask, "only gray left."
Ashley added in frustration through clenched teeth, "I mean... something deeper."
Mason shrugged and stood back up, pulling the mask up towards his forehead, gripping the base. After its form was safe on his head, he pulled it down over his face. Revealing a large, strong lettered font with gray paint covering most of the mask. Accenting lines of paint traced up the sides of negative spaced white lettering. It read, "Night falls - Day Breaks."
Pride seemed to spread across Ashley's face as she announced, "We've got a lot of shadows to face and a lot of scrapes to mend but... well..."

Ashley observed the man walking out of the darkness.

His face, corpse-like, shriveled, folds blending into other folds. His complexion was pale and malnourished. His eyes almost completely white and much of his hair gone.
“Dean?” Ashley asked. “Is that- are you Dean?”
Dean nodded his voice strained and cracked, “Dean, yes… I… supplies?”
“No.” Her voice was now strong, unquestioning. “We do not need supplies.”
A look of recognition crossed Dean’s face. He drew in a breath that jilted in spurts as it rushed in. He’d known her.

Donathan patted down one of his chest pockets before producing a lone cigarette and a Zippo lighter.

He raised the cigarette up to his lips and the lighter found itself in his left hand. With a flick, the lighter's metal cap kerchinged open, piercing the night as he huddled forward. His hands around the tip of the cigarette.
Through clenched lips Donathan said, "It's like dear old mom used to say." The sparks from the Zippo ignited the wick, engulfing the tip of the cigarette in flame. For a fraction of a second, an amber glow flashed across his face meshing with the darkness. A sneering mask of light drifted out of view. "Tear this motherfucker... down!"

A flash of light and a thunderclap echoed through the night.

Sparks and shattered glass rained down. Tinkling sounds rang out as the darkness rushed in hiding the trio of friends.
After a moment, Mason asked from the darkness, "Did your mom really say that?"
Donathan grunted before whispering, "No... It just sounds cool."