I had a dream last night that I was at some hotel that played with timelines.

In it there was this man wearing glasses with dark eyes sitting at a desk and folks would come in then sit on a large brown leather chair on the other side of the desk. The man would be like, "So Mr. Lee. You had a few interesting lives. On the one hand, you were a martial artist that had a well-celebrated career and was loved but suffered a tragic death while still young. Or you could have a long life as that same film star, but at the end of your life, you'll be rocked with scandals and die in shame." The man's tone felt very clinical.
Bruce Lee looked across the table at the man wearing glasses and say, "Well I guess I'll live a shorter life then."

The person would leave the room, and he'd continue with the next superstar. "So Mr. Mercury. You live an amazing rockstar life and are considered to be one of the greatest rockstars of all time. But your life is cut short by a disease. However, the diagnosis of that disease leads you to lock yourself in a room and write the greatest rock song the world has ever known before you die young OR you could live a long, healthy and mediocre life."

Freddy Mercury doesn't blink and announces he came to this life to rock. They lead him out of the room to his shorter, much more rocking timeline.

I watch this go on in the dream for some time. Finally, I rush over to the desk standing behind the chair; I place my hands on the back of it for a moment admiring its craftsmanship. Comment to the man across the table, "I find it so interesting that all of these folks chose a short life full of excitement and accomplishments versus a long line of mediocrity."

The man just gazes steadily in my direction, then in a tone lacking sympathy he says, "So Mr. Mix..."