I suppose it is time for the finale of our short story.

In case you missed it, this story takes place in between Goodbye from the Edge of Never and the second book in the series.

A huge thank you to Trueson and Zia Daughtery for designing the artwork for all of this!

Reminders: I'm doing a book reading and signing at Gardner's Books inside of their Roserock cafe on July 11th at 6pm. (Oh hey that's tomorrow!)

I am also doing an appearance at Tokyo in Tulsa July 11th through the 13th! Come out and get some freebies! (Oh hey that is also tomorrow!)

Also, I will be at The San Renaissance Faire on August 2nd and 3rd. Come on one, meet me, eat giant turkey legs and watch people joust!

Mystery House - Part 1 (in case you missed it)

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Mystery House - Part 3: Ashley's Story

The conclusion: Mystery House - Part 4: Donathan's Story