I don't like to post this sort of things to my blog, but this is a pretty huge case of bullying.

I have known my friend Jenna from internet games for several years now. She has neighbors who harass her family on a regular basis.

Now, neighbors don't always get along. That's a fact of life. My parents even dislike one of their neighbors. They refer to them as, "The Friendlies" (because they aren't friendly!)

Jenna's problems with her neighbors are a nightmare!

The last couple of years she and her son have been harassed by her neighbors for random reasons. Often silly things like disliking the flowers that Jenna's mom planted.

Recently though they've been harassing her because her son is autistic!

Her neighbors hate the fact that her child is autistic. They've informed Jenna and her mother that they are going to run them out of the neighborhood.

According to Jenna, here is the list of some of their antics:

  • Shouting who let the hogs out and retard every time Jenna leaves the house with her autistic son.

  • Doing imitation of the 8 year old child's stimming sounds followed by barking noises. The video I linked below the woman chants, "I don't have a normal child," over and over towards Jenna. Can you imagine hearing this sort of thing from one of your neighbors?

  • Walking up and down the street slowly while brandishing shotguns. All the while, eyeballing and motioning towards Jenna's house and family.
  • Installing disco strobe lights in their front yard because they found out Jenna's child could have seizures!

Jenna has spoken to the police who have given her advice on the subject and they've been out to the neighbor's house. Unfortunately, the police don't seem to want to take action. They suggested she start a civil suit.

I suggested involving the ADA and she's looking into it. She was thinking about getting a lawyer but she does not have a lot of money. She doesn't want to have to pay for a lawyer over things that adults just shouldn't be doing to an 8 year old child! It just might have to happen though.

I don't understand why the police in her town have refused to take action, but she's seeking any advice anyone has on the subject.

Some of their antics happen even AFTER the cops had left from giving the neighbors a warning.

(Jenna had to record the Closed Circuit video with her cellphone so excuse the quality. She's figuring out how to upload better quality recordings from the CCTV.)

Jenna's comment on the youtube explains:

Our neighbors stand outside and say " im so retarded i cant even have a child that talks" referring to my 8 year old non verbal child with autism.

If you want to see more of this family's ordeal, you can view Jenna's videos here at her youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/user/SurlyMiss/videos

She will be updating them with higher quality videos of everything in the next few days.

Jenna has also started a Facebook group asking for help and advice with bullies.

Your home should be your safe haven and not a place of harassment. You shouldn't have to worry about the psychological damage your neighbors are doing to your child.

Please if you have any suggestions forward them to Jenna's anti-bullying facebook page.