When Darkness Falls

If you're wondering where I am in August, I'm doing my own personal, "I Bleed, They Feed," event.

Book two's manuscript is nearly complete so I will be going into hibernate mode with most social media until September. I will only appear to link blog posts or post word counts.

The plan for August is: writing every day, blogging, reading regularly, working with my publisher on new merchandise to prepare for Convolution and working on our Halloween event.

I'm also trying to crank out some new serialized fiction centering around some of the other characters from Goodbye from the Edge of Never.

Hopefully, we can release it as a Halloween event alongside a giveaway for our loyal fans.

I'll be at the San Jose Renaissance Faire this weekend so if you're down near the south bay come on out and get your book signed. I will be giving out collectible postcards and bookmarks as well. :)

So if you hear the shadows clacking their teeth, hold your breath, find a weapon and pray for daybreak...

Book two is coming.