The Forest
If I ever become filthy rich I'm going to research a way to take long dead cells and clone the organism with memories intact from the exact point it died.

Then I'm going to hire gravediggers to steal the remains of the Heaven's Gate cult and decorate a SciFi set with alien themes. I will resurrect them all with memories up to the moment they laid down, ingested applesauce and cyanide, expecting to wake up on an Alien Mothership trailing the Hale Bopp Comet.

Just as they are awakening I'll run up to them wearing an alien mask, making blippity blip noises while shouting, "Greetings travelers!"

They'll all become excited and start shouting cultist insanity. Right then, in the most perfect, soul crushing moment, I'll rip off the mask and shout,

"SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS, You cut your genitalia off!"

Then I will explain that I cloned that too...

and we will play some Xbox.



... in space.