I want to earn a kingdom of money. Then when my family is comfortable, I want to give away a kingdom of money.

I will commit to such grand gestures that people will debate whether I was a genius or just insane.

Things that rich folks never do, like "Surprise, I just paid off your car," or "your vet clinic can now afford to give free procedures for the next three months." Even, "I don't know you, and you are getting married at the courthouse, but here is a surprise band, catering and photographer free of charge. I hope your wedding is magical, and you stay together for the rest of your life."

"You thought you were being foreclosed on at Christmas ma'am, but I've paid your loan, and I have the bank manager on hold waiting for you to tell him to go fuck himself."

I'll install soft park benches next to those fucked up ones that are designed to be uncomfortable, so the homeless never have a decent place to rest their weary bones.

I'll pay for four-star entertainment in nursing homes.

My personal favorite, "I've paid for these medical bills. I hope your dad lives forever."

This level of foolishness is the same reason I'll never become rich.