It's March,

and I'm reminded of the fact that

I still love to dance.

I learned long ago that you should strive to be yourself. Don't try to live up to someone else's standards.

If you are a creator, create!

Paint, write, compose, bake, perform... Figure out your medium and dance through it, laughing as you twirl and step.

If you choose not to create, that's fine. Perhaps you just haven't reached that point at your life where you're comfortable in doing that.

Find some other way to celebrate life.

You might not know the steps yet, but the music can still carry you forward.

Don't worry about stepping on toes.

As you dance through this life, you will find that some people stand in your way. They will narrow their eyes, smile wide, glare in your direction and hold their foot out just begging for the moment that you edge near.

They don't always mean to do it,

but some folks are indifferent to their actions. They feel justified in telling you how to live, what you should believe in or why you can't do it. They might even pass judgment on you for the way you dance.

If someone tries to make you lose your footing, just get out of their way.

It is them setting fire to those bridges. You may find yourself standing across from them on a river bank, letting their look of frustration cast itself over you. It is important to notice the river of dispassion flowing between the two of you but just remember... don't be like them...

Look back with soft eyes, and don't forget to dance.