Does it suck being in limbo as you wait for the next book in a series?

I think so. My publisher thinks so too.

So we are here to help you.

We are releasing a four part story that takes place just after the events of Goodbye from the Edge of Never.

Tonight the first part is available at Falkor Publishing's website.

This short story will not be in the books. We've decided it is a bonus to those who hunger for a little more of our characters.

We will also be displaying custom artwork of Mason, Ashley and Donathan alongside the next three parts of the story. The art is designed by Trueson and Zia Daughtery and it looks amazing.

I know, free story and art, right? That might lead you to say,

"But hey... I like stuff I can hold and collect!"

Okay! We can do that.

I will be handing out collectible postcards displaying the new art at my convention appearances.

Check my upcoming appearances page for details.

The postcards are the first collectibles we are giving out. They are only available at my appearances. In order to get one (or three) you need to show up at an event. I'll even sign it for you. :)

Enjoy the story, come collect a postcard and if you are a new reader that hasn't read the book yet it is available for order at Amazon
and Barnes and Noble.