###Man, woman, gay or straight... you're going to look at this video and gasp when you watch it. It's so sweet and moving.

So they asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time.

It's so awkward and sweet. I miss my wife so much right now.

This video reminds me of how awkward our first kiss began. We were out at a club dancing, standing near the bathroom of all places. It was teeming with people. It was sweaty. There was too many people. I blinked and leaned forward, without the intention of kissing my wife for the first time (at least not then... I was still too nervous), she took it as a clue and leaned in and kissed me deep.

Somehow the bassy music blurred from sound into streaks of color as the entire room spun around me.

Colors and sound intensified and then overwhelmed me.

Her beauty and sudden confidence was so intoxicating that I almost blacked out.

Someone might tell you it was overwhelming and because I was kissing my future wife... The science of the situation might tell you that my blood was flooding with chemicals. My heart couldn't pump enough oxygen to my brain... Her kiss was too sweet.

When she pulled away from me and looked up into my eyes, I swear... I saw the world snap back into place. Like some DJ had finally lifted his hand off an old school piece of vinyl and the world began belting out a beat again.