Words of Wisdom (1 of 2)
It was a long month. Here is my monthly word count: 21681. It was far from Nanowrimo standards but that wasn't the point of this month.

The point was to write.

Well what did I learn this month?

Just writing is great.

Your word count won't climb to new heights by worrying about it, it just needs you to set aside a few minutes out of your day. I wasn't concerned about word counts. Whenever I had a low word count day, it was usually because I was just too busy... but I still found time to write.

I am so busy.

I had a day where I did a book event and then dashed across town for my high school reunion. I didn't have enough minutes in the day to write. I still found time... but this sort of thing happens often.

I feel like I need a day off after three weeks of writing.

I've always known this. I have never completed a Nanowrimo because I get to three weeks and then take a few days off. I think that if I do marathon sessions from now on, three weeks is where I need to throw in one or two days off. For some reason that is where I feel overwhelmed.

I need to have a minimum of three projects to work on.

I wound up bouncing back and forth between my book and a couple of short stories I'm working on. If my brain felt like I couldn't handle working on the book that day, I could still slam out a few pages on something else.

Facebook is a great way to stay connected to your friends... It is a terrible way to be social.

I avoided using Facebook for the first two weeks of this month and it was wonderful. I went back to it for the last two weeks. It eats up your free time and often makes you feel miserable. I can't stand using Facebook now. I might give it up. Twitter doesn't feel so dark. Twitter's short message system tends to make people post funny one liners or entertaining links. Facebook walls are just filled with news updates and depression. If you are working on anything involving creativity, facebook will eat your soul.

I found a secret weapon.

A shining sword for slaying dragons named: The Alphasmart Neo. I ordered it because it is a cheap word processor with no bells and whistles and six weeks of life on one set of batteries. There is no distractions when I sit down to use it. I just plop down in a couch and write with it. It doesn't have a mechanical keyboard, but it feels pretty close to one! If I take it somewhere and lose it I'm out 35 bucks. I don't know why this thing was discontinued but please, someone create something similar to this for all writers to use. It is fantastic.

The publisher and I created new merchandise!

I can't announce any of it just yet but it looks great! :)

Book two is close to being finished!

There are only a couple of chapters left to write! They are all the exciting climax chapters that I've been building toward since the story began. I have been bouncing off the walls over this!

So the month went well, but I'm tired!

I'm going to take a few days off and just read and then I'll take the final leap towards finishing book two.

Also I'll be signing books next week at:

So please come see me!