Name: Donathan Wilkens
Class: Gunslinger
Weapon: Dual pistols
Powers: Superspeed, Champion of Manuever
Likes: Alcohol, Music
Dislikes: The Protectorate Army
Attitude: Wise, does what is necessary even when it needs to be a sacrifice play

“We’re not fine,” Ashley added motioning to the corpse with a fresh bullet hole. A splatter of necrotic flesh scattered out from it across the floor. “The hell was that?”
The quick sound of metal flicking and the room lit up for a moment as Donathan ignited the cigarette. For a fraction of a second an amber glow flashed across his face meshing with the darkness.

Nyla studied the corpse for a moment and then added with surprise, “A Maelstrom!” Her voice was enthusiastic as always. “I’ve never- I mean I’ve only heard of what they can do.” She sounded relieved and added, “You’re lucky to be alive!”
Through clenched teeth and lips still gripping a cigarette Donathan asked, “Aren’t we always?”