Ok so I really want that action figure. I posted about it on facebook. In the thread a good friend asked me, "How much does that equipment weigh?"

The rant that followed seemed blogworthy. So here goes.

Oh god.

It is hard to remember. I think the regulation ruck on your front weighed 45 to 65 pounds depending on if you were weapon's squad. I can't remember what the t10 delta and reserve weighed. A 240 bravo machine gun was 27.6 pounds...

Let's just say, "damn heavy."

You waddled out of the pack shed because the ruck was so heavy and so low you couldn't move your legs to walk. The complete kit pulled down on your shoulders so your spine hurt as you moved. You maybe had an inch or two of free movement on your legs. That is a big maybe.

So when you saw how far the bird was when you walked out of the shed, you hated your life. It would take about a thousand baby steps to get even halfway there.

The whole time your spine is screaming. Your knees are bruising. Your center of balance feels like you're an avalanche waiting to happen. Somehow some fucking part of the ruck keeps smashing against one of your ankles as you step.

It is so awkward... But after you leap into the blue and are shotgunned out the door, leaving a roar of sound behind... Trees appear below your feet and you dangle between life and infinity for 2 minutes (if you're lucky)...

It all seems worth it.

Then of course the ground rushes towards you as a freeway wall... You smash so hard that the world falls out below you and you swear you can taste your own spinal fluid.


I swear to God I miss it.