I received a lot of news today, and some of it I can share and some we have to wait to announce.

This is a really hard update to give because you want to approach everything with respect and not burn any bridges.... at the same time you want to be true to your fans so I'm going to just push it all forward and let you all know what we are struggling with.

Preorder posters: They're still coming. I promise you that the publisher is doing everything he can to get them in your hands. We hit a snag. The artist we commissioned to do our preorder posters... well... Neither the publisher or I want to say anything negative about someone directly because it's not good business... but he didn't have the same work ethic as the artist who designed our cover art. So we had to take our business elsewhere, and the posters are still a work in progress.

The good news is: we are in the process of commissioning another artist right now. He does amazing poster work. As soon as they are complete and printed, we will ship them. I've seen his work and it's spectacular, so if you pre-ordered, trust me... you are going to get an gorgeous poster.

Also, I think it's needs to be said: Our cover artist, Ross Matteson, who did a hell of a job on the cover, is NOT the artist that was... flighty? (is that a nice way to word it?) Ross is a spectacular artist, that always does his work promptly and he was recently married, so I'm sure he's available for hire if anyone needs an artist. The only reason he's not doing our poster is because we promised our pre-orders a different style of art on the posters. We will still be using Ross in the future on other things because, I like his art and he is pleasant to work with.

This is a really round about way of saying, I'm sorry the posters aren't in your hands yet.

Convention news: There could be a convention appearance (or two!) next year... We are hammering out the details, but I would really like to go to a few to promote Falkor publishing and the book... I'm sure if the conventions are in his neck of the woods, everyone's favorite graphic artist and promoter, Gerald Whalen, might be coaxed to show up to help promote the book. He was -pretty phenomenal- at the last convention with his meet and greet. Seriously, you have to see the guy in action to really appreciate it.

Marketing: This is the thing I'm not allowed to talk about (much!) but I will say that, there's a lot going on behind the scenes right now... and I'll keep you posted as it becomes news. :)

Fan response: My god, we haven't received a bad review or one ounce of negativity. I'm really thankful to all of you. I don't want to brag (no, ok, I totally do :) ) but, I've had people messaging me saying they read the whole book in one sitting! I had someone pleading for plot details at midnight! I had someone tell me how Mason is their favorite character and then someone else tell me Nyla is their favorite character (really comical when you've named characters after your kids). I had a wonderful woman whose son I went to KINDERGARTEN with inform me that her son is a teacher now and he is ordering copies of my book for his students to read in class! Then I had two close friends drive out to my house on release night to pick up their copies of the book and have me sign them in person (seriously Alyssa Lovie Sevillano and Julia Sharitt that was a giant ego booster). Finally, author Kim Myers Derting gave us an amazing blurb that has really helped promote our book. (SHE HAS A NEW BOOK OUT AS WELL! Please go buy her books! All of them! http://kimberlyderting.blogspot.com/ My stepdaughter has every single one of her books!)

Honestly there was a lot more than those few moments to share, but there has been too many jaw dropping moments for me to write down! I'm in complete awe of everyone who helped make this possible. New authors don't generally get this sort of response! It's thrilling!

I'm really, really thankful to everyone that has helped us come this far.

Oh and I woke up to a panicked message from someone asking me one morning if there was going to be a book two:
Yes! There will be (at least) a book two and a book three. I promise. I am working on book two now. Actually I'm working on two books now and toying with the idea of one (not tied to the GBTEON universe) being released in serial form as a bonus to the fans because it's easier and quicker to push out serials, but that is entirely up to the publisher... again... we'll keep you posted.

So I think that's everything. I'm kind of exhausted and my poor wife has been patiently waiting for me to crawl into bed so I'm going to copy this onto the blog and hope there isn't too many weird mistakes... because I didn't proof it at all (haha).