Dear Son,
You’re four months old and you’ll probably never see this blog entry.
I imagine it’ll be lost to me in a sea of emails, blogs, facebookery and lost to you in growing up and growing old, but should you ever come across it in fifteen to twenty years, I hope you heed my advice.

Don’t lose your edge. Whatever it is that makes you dream big and magical, keep it close to the chest and don’t pawn it off for anyone. It’s precious. It’s the only thing in life that’s going to make you special. You’ll see people who have lost their edge. They’ve sacrificed dreams, friends, life. That’s not your fate son. Always be true to yourself and always remember those dreams are the planes, the pilots and the landing strip you’ll always need…. and that you’ll always go back to from time to time.
Don’t be a politician. In Europe the world held knights, in japan they had samurai… honorable people who lived by a code of chivalry. People who would sacrifice their lives for the greater good if necessary…. Politicians are the exact opposite of chivalrous. I’m sure they were once, long ago in my grandfathers time, but now the least corrupt politician is usuallly the most corrupt one with the most money… because he’s hired the P.R. team to hide all of his darkness.

Don’t be a soldier. Or if you must because you’re foolish like the rest of your family, do it just long enough to prove to the world you can stare into evil eyes with the worst war face, and still hold a child in your hands one day as I held you.

You should be an artist. Something that pulls creation from deep under your skin and brings beautiful things into the world. Let that madness of creativity eat at the edges of your brain and let it infect all things you do. Something that lets you show the world, all that you are, and all that you will be.

Now, I love you son… and I’ll be proud of you no matter whom you are or what you become: Gay, straight, religious, atheistic, soldier or artist. I will love you no matter what you are…

Just please son don’t be a politician. I don’t think my heart could take it.