Date night.

The wife and I had to pick a movie. Her choice? Need for speed. My choice? The new 300.

They aren't particularly romantic movies, but when you have two kids, you take what you can get.

It wasn't that I didn't want to see Need For Speed but, Paul Walker just died a few months ago. I imagine racing movies are going to flop for awhile because of the "Too Soon?" factor.

The wife wound up caving in. We bought tickets for 300. Such a nice wife huh? We went to get a caption bar (because my wife is deaf.) It turns out that the movie theater wasn't offering captioning services on the movie 300. We were both annoyed by this, so we switched our tickets to Need For Speed.

The movie had some goofy acting which felt right for a movie based on a cheesy (but good) car racing game. There were also silly one liners, gorgeous cars and some pretty spectacular racing scenes. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I liked the arcadey feel of the video game series and this movie felt pretty damn close to it.

Then the movie cut to a scene in San Francisco. Two of the main characters are coming to terms with their present and confronting their past... and... hey...

I know that night...

We know that night!?

April 15th of 2013 was beautiful. There is a restaurant that is almost under the Bay Bridge called the WaterBar. It's tagline is that it has the most beautiful view in S.F., and it does. The bay bridge is glowing with L.E.D nights in the early evening. You can see light dancing across the waves.

San Francisco is usually pretty cold. That night was no exception. It was chilly. The wind had a strange static in the air. As if the city was anxious and just aching to whisper "Summer."

That night the wind burst in off the ocean and sprinted through the streets between tall buildings. It sounded like dry linen sheets hung outside too long, on an ancient clothes line at sunset.

The city streets seemed strangely empty that night. Each of the buildings seemed to glow. It was haunting and alluring. Everything felt ethereal... otherworldly. Two people left The Waterbar and strolled down the street. Hand in hand, trying to make their way to their car. A police officer motioning them over, informed them that they, "Couldn't cross the street yet." The reason? "Movie filming."

They had been filming in Northern California since April 3rd 2013. Currently they were filming a pinnacle scene on April 15th, right next to the Waterbar.

That was our wedding night. I remember every single detail about that night. The weather, the view, the sights, and how gorgeous my wife looked.

So we saw Need For Speed tonight, even though we set out to see 300. We weren't expecting romance, just fast cars and cheesy one liners. We wound up seeing the city on our wedding night... on the silver screen. Reliving, for a brief moment, just how beautiful and ethereal SF was that evening. Somehow a racing movie, Need For Speed, became the most romantic date night ever.