An old post of mine started recirculating Facebook again so I figured I should throw it on the blog so I don't lose it forever. Plus given the current climate of protests, I'd hope some folks would consider respectful protests. Some of us gave a lot supporting the rights and freedoms that many folks take for granted in this country.

To anyone considering stomping on the American flag for some YouTube challenge, I'd like you to take a moment and look at this pic of my buddy Rob.

Rob's unit was ambushed overseas. Rob refused to give up the gun even after he was wounded.

His actions that day saved lives and eventually cost him his foot....

Then he lost his fight with PTSD and eventually took his own life.

This is a pic of him holding his own foot.

Rob gave everything for this country: his sanity, his life even his own flesh. He did that for rights that some of you take for granted.

Maybe you don't agree with everything this Nation has done, but have you tried to make things better for the rest of us? Do you really think stepping on that flag is improving our lives? Have you given as much as my friend and his family gave?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, maybe you should rethink setting your foot down on that flag.